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Dance and relationship

We all have a physical body but do not often take good care of it. Bringing our body into play, making it move et paying attention to the various physical feelings that emerge is a precious source of knowledge.

Biographical work

Biographical work is a process of clarification and transformation. It applies at the individual level as well as to couples and organisations.


The aim of coaching is to support a person or a group in mobilizing personal resources in order to unravel a complex situation.

Internal Family System (IFS)

IFS is a therapy enabling to reconnect to the conscious and benevolent observer within us, making it possible to welcome our multiple inner personalities. This compassionate listening restores the dialog between our conflicting parts and frees them…

Relational Intelligence (IR)

Relational Intelligence integrates the most recent discoveries in neurosciences. It involves an attentive listening to the bodily expression of emotions which is intimately related to our autonomic nervous system responsible for our equilibrium and…