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Relational Intelligence (IR)

Relational Intelligence integrates the most recent discoveries in neurosciences. It involves an attentive listening to the bodily expression of emotions which is intimately related to our autonomic nervous system responsible for our equilibrium and safety.

This physical and cognitive recalibration enables - in conjuction with IFS - the creation of a secure base in the service of relation.

"The science of feeling sufficiently safe for loving life and taking the risk of living it."

Deborah Dana

Relational Intelligence is based on IFS and the Polyvagal Theory which integrates recent discoveries in neurosciences about the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS).

The ANS is our personal surveillance system, watching over our physiological equilibrium as well as our safety. It is a neurosensorial perception phenomenon called neuroception. It is an unconscious process.

The aim of the IR therapy is to gain conscious access to it using attentive listening of the psysical expression of emotion and making explicit the body-emotion-spirint link. This is supported by the relation engagement between practician and patient.

The observation of a physical unbalance in relation with a trauma and its acknowledgment enable the patient to let go of this memory both consciously and energetically.

Relational Intelligence