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Our areas of expertise

Our multidisciplinary team embraces a wide variety of areas of expertise.

"If the world exploded the last voice to be heard would be that of an expert asserting that it is impossible."

Peter Ustinov

Well-being at work

Providing a high quality of life at work is an essential element for the smooth operation of any professional structure. Any employer has to care for the personal and professional development of their employees.


Complexity sounds scary but there are tools and models to tame it and benefit from its richness.

Psychopedagogy - Structured education

Structured education is a matrix of approaches, methods and tools supporting a socio-educational project, with the aim of supporting the human development of an individual.

Person of trust

The person of trust is a first responder for those who experience suffering at work, even light or transient.

Science insights

Recent scientific progress has bridged the gap between hard science and personal development. We help you enrich your practice with those scientific insights.

Training engineering

We offer a consultative approach to training engineering in order to significantly raise the implication and motivation of collaborators of the organization.

Biographical work

Biographical work is a process of clarification and transformation. It applies at the individual level as well as to couples and organisations.

Dance and relationship

We all have a physical body but do not often take good care of it. Bringing our body into play, making it move et paying attention to the various physical feelings that emerge is a precious source of knowledge.


The path of Yoga brings tools to put back one's values to the fore, calm the ego, manage emotions, control senses and develop awareness.

Photo by SpaceX on Unsplash