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Mission and principles

Our mission is to support individuals and structures in achieving the transformation that they desire in order to build together a humane and sustainable society.

The honeybee is a symbol of freedom and responsibility within a group while being conscious of the interdependency of the needs. The bee is one of the oldest animals and most useful to the planet. It transforms both matter and itself in full consciousness of the role it is energizing at any one time.

The name "Beenow" symbolizes these values that support evolution while being anchored in the here and now. We invited each member and any other actor of social transformation to exchange and co-develop with our values as a foundation stone.


From autonomy to interdependance

The way to social transformation is the autonomisation of each individual, which means taking responsibility for our personal choices while respecting the collectivity. We offer services aiming at making our partners autonomous as quickly as possible.

This intervention principle aims at raising consciousness about the systemic interdependance between individuals.

Sytemic approach

Our contributions are based on the consciousness of the systemic stakes of any situation. We favor bio-psycho-social approaches and dare face the complexity that comes with transformation processes.