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Internal Family System (IFS)

IFS is a therapy enabling to reconnect to the conscious and benevolent observer within us (the Self) and making it possible to welcome our multiple inner personalities (parts).

This compassionate listening restores the dialog between our conflicting parts and frees them from the burden of their wounds, leading to the recovery of a harmonious psychic and relation life.

"The outer freedom that we will eventually reach depends on the degree of inner freedom that we have developed. If that is how freedom is understood then our main effort must be to change ourselves from the inside."

Mahatma Gandhi

IFS (internal Familiy System) is both a theory of personality, a therapeutic model and a way of life.

This model - developed by Richard Schwartz - represents a synthesis between two existing paradigms: the systemic approach and the multiple psyche approach.

One of the basic assumptions is that we are comprised of an inner multiplicity, of "parts", and that there exists a place of consciousness or "resource space", inside each of us, where nothing is altered by all the things that we experience. This approach helps us take our wholeness into account and assume a stance of consciousness from which our self-leadership can express itself. This is very helpful for taking a strong managerial stance in the service of cooperation. Our self-leadership becomes the conductor of our inner multiplicity, letting us work on our inner cooperation in order to favor outer cooperation.

This approach can be used on a therapeutic basis (healing of wounds) or as an inner mediation process.

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Photo by Tomas Kirvėla on Unsplash