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Dance and relationship (to self and others)

We all have a physical body but do not often take good care of it. Bringing our body into play, making it move et paying attention to the various physical feelings that emerge is a precious source of knowledge.

"Every time you exercise the real goal is to avoid remaining locked in a unique view of reality – thought – and to discover another approach to reality – feeling."

Jacques Castermane

The benefits of setting oneself into motion on health and relationship to others quickly grow tangible.

We gain clarity on our own limits and increase our capacity to respect them. Expressing ourselves and sharing becomes easier. Acceptance, attention and presence expand.

Identifying and possibly untying knots within ourself leads to a greated fluidity in the life of a group, whatever it might be (professional, family, friends).

The tools which are used allow to work on these qualities with precision and softness, respecting each person's pace.

Photo by A L on Unsplash