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Matthieu Longuet

A former hospital ENT surgeon, I support people using NonViolent Communication, mediation, relational intelligence and IFS.

As a doctor it became obvious to me that I needed to find a stance that was adapted to my patients' needs.

In order to able to really take care of the other, it is a necessity to put talking and listening at the center of the human relation.

It is fundamental for me to explore each human being in the full depth of their singularity, for which I need to explore my own singularity as a matter of integrity.

I strive to help understand how precious each of us is so that we can drop the masks with which we protect ourselves and that cut us of from our essential nature.

Mediation and IFS allow for the reconnction and anchoring of people in a place of peace and security necessary for approaching the relation with respect and serenity.

I aim to share with you the various tools which helped me settle into this stance enduringly, shifting from wander to wonder.

My skills are in the service of any person wanting to move beyond their relational challenges with others (mediation) or self (therapy).

"Know thyself then thou shalt know the Universe and God."


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Matthieu Longuet

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