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François Suter

I am an engineer by trade (graduated from EPFL). This has shaped my taste for complex systems and trained me into the resolution of problems by collecting data and analysing it from a global perspective. I also sharpened my skills at synthesis.

After nearly thiry years of developing software in various domains, I took a wide turn and headed for human relations. I undertook training to become a person of trust and a mediator. I also studied and practiced NonViolent Communication intensively.

This inner revolution was triggered by the birth of my second child who has Down Syndrome and autistic traits. I started a deep work on myself, always renewed, which helped my forge my conviction that harmony resides inside each of us. I now aspire to help as many people as possible achieving this breakthrough.

I am convinced that our society is on the edge of a major transformation and I intend to be an actor of that shift.

"The duty of our society is not to achieve equality, but to develop systems capable of handling the topic of inequality in a humane way."

Scott Peck

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Francois Suter

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