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Psychopedagogy and structured education

Structured education is a matrix of approaches, methods and tools supporting a socio-educational project, with the aim of supporting the human development of an individual.

"Educating is about listening to the need, the reason behind, the unacceptable behaviour, it's about having empathy for the cause."

Arnaud Deroo

Structured education is based of four scientific currents:

  • cognitive behavioural therapy;
  • regulation of sensory impairments;
  • cognitive and affective neurosciences;
  • systemics.

Socio-educational projects aim at clarifying, sharing and organising the educational activities, taking into account the interactional environments of the individual and the groups.

We provide training, supervision and coaching of teams or medico-social structures, in order to back the support processes defined by the professionals.

We create courses following the international recommendations and best practices of the field. Our trainings rely on the most up to date practices for the means of transmission as well as for the content itself. We have an expertise of more than 15 years in this dynamic and sensitive area.

Our state of the art approach applies to the socio-educative support of persons with autistic traits as well as to vulnerable persons with other educative needs, from childhood to old age.

Photo by Sandro Katalina on Unsplash