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Yohan Fernando Bujard

I am trained as an Educational Psychologist, using socio-cognitive approaches (Piaget), behavioral approaches (TEACCH, ABA) as well as systemics, all skills which are acquired both during my studies in psychology and educational studies and my professional experience. I had the huge privilege of accompanying persons with autistic traits and also coordinating multidisciplinary teams in the medico-social and socio-educative fields. I am specialized in the evaluation of training needs and the steering of management and training actions aiming at a transformation of the ways of cooperation between individuals.

I also had the opportunity to create projects based on innovative management approaches with high socio-economic added value.

I am convinced that human beings have a fundamentally benign nature and wish to invest my great energy into sustaining the emergence of that natural benevolence.

With my training in mediation using NonViolent Communication and several cognitive behavioral approaches to support, I coach on a daily basis teams, managers and individuals to become actors of sustainable relations. Inspired by my experience as an elite sportsman, I know the importance of being in touch with oneself in order to develop relations with others.

My experience in a war-torn country, in a family experiencing a plurality of languages, ideologies and cultures, has made me open to others and continuously rejoicing in the serendipity of human relations.

"Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions."

Dalai Lama

Key skills

  • Cooperative management
  • Mediation using NonViolent Communication
  • Training and analysis of training needs (psychopedagogy, Autism Spectrum Disorder, cognitivo-behavioral approaches, management)
  • Project management with high added value
  • Analysis of practice and supervision


Yohan Fernando

+41 76 413 70 73


Photo by Dawid Zawiła on Unsplash