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Training engineering

Continuing or initial education is often setup with the intention of supporting the evolution of practices within an organization. However it appears difficult to efficiently measure the added value of the trainings actually undergone.*

*Aubert, P., Crépon, B. & Zamora, P. (2009). Le rendement apparent de la formation continue dans les entreprises : effets sur la productivité et les salaires. Economie & prévision, 187(1), 25-46.

"Any love, any sincere friendship is a story of unexpected transformation."

Elif Shafak

Analyze, train and cooperate in the long run

We offer a consultative approach to training engineering in order to significantly raise the implication and motivation of collaborators of the organization.

Based on our expertise in the conception of training centers and integrated training processes, we observe that a shared meaning is often missing in the actions of continuing education provided by companies. As such we escort you in setting up a collaborative approach to training actions, so that a shared sense of cooperation can be created as well as an improvement of productivity and implication of the persons implied.

Photo by Suzanne D. Williams on Unsplash