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Person of trust

Every organisation will create, very often despite itself, situation of unhappiness at work. The person of trust if a first reponder for those who experience suffering at work, even light or transient.

"[Trust] enables us to bet on ourselves again, on others, on the future, breaking the vicious circle of anguish."

Michela Marzano

Beenow offers a service of external person of trust. This guarantees to independance and confidentiality of the relation. As persons of trust we step in any situation of distress in the professional world. The most common situations are stress, harassment and conflict.

We provide a space to listen and accompany, as well as orientation towards other specialists if needed (for example, towards a doctor when a suspicion of burn out occurs).

In case of conflict, we can take care of the mediation process.

Taking a wider perspective, we are also able to help you drive a general effort to evaluate and improve quality of life at work.

Photo by Taneli Lahtinen on Unsplash