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Science insights

In our society where evidence is based on scientific validation, the world of personal development and spirituality has long been foreign to the business world. It turns out that hard sciences are exploring new domains, triggering insights which we help you integrate into your practice.


"Who would be so foolhardy as to pretend that we know and perceive every force, every wave and every possible mean of communication?"

Hubert Reeves

Mindfulness, empathy, rewiring of our neuronal connections, these are just a few of the areas where science is venturing ever deeper in the 21st century. With our capacity for scientific popularization, we help you integrate these new dimensions into your structure, from domains such as:

  • genetics (epigenetics, transgenerational legacy);
  • neurosciences (empathy, neuroplasticity);
  • sociology;
  • cognitive behavioural therapy;
  • systemics.

Photo by Mark Basarab on Unsplash