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We transmit knowledge on a wide variety of topics, all aiming at developing the human potential of individuals and structures.

"No man can reveal to you aught but that which already lies half asleep in the dawning of your knowledge."

Khalil Gibran

The three domains of development aim at:

  • raising the skills;
  • raising the energy;
  • facilitating the emergence of expected skills.

We offer personalized training in all of our areas of expertise. We rely on the most up to date methods of transmission and learning.

Changes in governance

  • Shared governance
  • Collective intelligence

Medico-social et Socio-educational

  • Psychopedagogy and structured education (ABA, TEACCH, sensory disorders, etc.)
  • Organisational well-treatment


  • Cooperative management
  • Socio-economic management

Communication and mediation

  • Management and mediation
  • NonViolent Communication
  • Emotional intelligence

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Photo by Rich Martello on Unsplash