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Philippe Clairfayt

A seed: 20 year old, an image appears: "to build a living social organism".

A first sprout: 24 year old, another image: "the green arts - an agricultural location".

The first concrete experiments: encounters weave a different story: between producers and consumers of an organic coopreative, then in a publishing house where I develop management skills.

The achivement: Over the course of many encounters, which allow life to express itself, I am called to serve the most fragile. They will be my teachers for 15 years. Care for beings and smalle things, slowness and presence. At the heart of it, the question for new social structures.

A nourishing spring: The "Nef"! A crucible of reflections and experiments about money. 20 years as a volunteer accompanying the creation of human adventures.

A new horizon: a time of transformation before the launch of "Chemins Singuliers" since 2015 : "wrap in humane warmth that which wants to be born".

"The future is not something you plan, but something you allow."

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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Philippe Clairfayt

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