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Men's Circles (Geneva)

The status of men* is changing in our society. What does it mean to be a man today? How to evolve? How to live daily as a man? How to break the schemas? Where to find support and sharing?

Men's Circles aim at providing a secure space where it is possible to open up in trust and confidentiality and broach difficult or rarely discussed topics such as sexuality, care for oneself, relationships with women, love, violence, performance, patriarchy, lightness, play, etc.

* any person that considers itself or is considered a man, even if they don't agree with that or don't adhere to the general opinion on that topic.

"Before I leave this world I may have the chance to see our sons become righteous men and our daughters become free women."

Ivan Jablonka, Des hommes justes

The discussion theme for the evening is chosen on the spot, anyone can make suggestions.

The trust within the Circle relies on confidentiality, a non-judging attitude, the willingness to open up to the other and a capability to step back and reflect on oneself. As a facilitator I care for this minimal but essential security framework.


François Suter

Mediation, facilitation, NonViolent Communication, Men's Circles

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Photo by raquel raclette on Unsplash